Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend in Wald-Michelbach

This weekend was somewhat of a "house keeping" weekend...with nothing really exciting or German on the agenda...but plans to pick up my permanent visa, go to The Dragon School open house, and do a little cleaning, reading, and exploring.

So, on Friday, I traveled to the nearby town of Heppenheim to finally get my permanent visa that officially allows me to live and work here in Germany. The getting it was no problem, the downside was that not only did I not get a stamp in my passport (which I am trying to fill up to mark it off my bucket list!) but I actually look like a serial killer in the picture. They wouldn't let me smile and my hair was in a braid...somehow I ended up looking like a scary man. 

So after getting it, I thought it'd be nice if I explored the town a little bit and caught the bus a few stops down. Well, the exploring was nice, but I couldn't catch the bus where I thought I could so I ended up walking for several hours...which was certainly not part of the plan.
This was a beautiful church in Heppenheim and the cute yellow bike that serves as the "mail truck"!

This picture is me and all my friends...haha and though photos do not do it justice, I wanted to show the cute gardens and floral arrangements that you find in front of almost every house around here!

So, on Saturday, it was the day of the open house for our school. Much to my surprise, it was more than an open house but more of a showcase of the students' work and bake sale (which also meant less focus on the speech I had to give in German...PTL)! By far my favorite part was the pan on a pole that was used for cooking crepes over an open was such a fun idea and it was my first time making a crepe! I loved it! I also introduced my polaroid camera for the first time, which the dragons were amazed by!
On the left is me and Sebastian, he is my best English speaker and my translator. Such a sweetheart. And then we have Linn Sophie riding on my shoulders, yanking my hair to direct me where she wants to go. I am working on teaching her "Left" and "Right" and hopefully she will get it before all the hair on my head is gone!

Here is Eva, me, and Neele...two girls that are always enthusiastic about hanging out with me. And then I am holding Adrian on my lap as Janna is cooking crepes over the fire! It was such a neat idea...I want to bring it to America!

Sunday was a pretty quiet day...I went to church in town, stopped by my favorite cafe, explored the town a little bit, and then came home to do some cleaning and reading! It's strange how tiring it is attempting to translate and understand another language all day, but even after this not-so-eventful weekend, I am completely exhausted. 
This is Lipp's, my favorite bakery in town (with great hot chocolate!) and just a nice view of the little bitty town of Wald-Michelbach!

I wish I was a real photographer, because there are so many cute historic places and fun fall colors that this would be a wonderful place to do a photoshoot!

Also, I want to thank everyone for the encouraging e-mails, texts, Skype sessions, and prayers after my last post. Its always tough to feel homesick, but I am feeling much better and trying to embrace this one year adventure.


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