Monday, September 3, 2012


I visited Prague this weekend...a place I had been dying to go for a few years now and I finally got to scratch it off my map.
I had heard from so many people that Prague was a beautiful city, but really words cannot describe it. As my cousin told me, you can literally just walk around all day and enjoy the eye candy. It is a city full of magnificent buildings and so much cool history.

Unfortunately for me, it was rainy almost all weekend. After the first day of traipsing around the city wet and cold, I decided that I was going to take full advantage of Prague even though the weather was not at its finest. And that is exactly what I did.
I climbed the clock tower and took advantage of the opportunity to dress in old-fashioned Czech attire, and getting a full view of Prague and the surrounding areas, including a beautiful wedding taking place below on that rainy Saturday.

I went to the markets, trying all the authentic Prague wines and foods.
As requested by my friend Grace, I also found the place where the bachelorette visited last season and  placed a lock in honor of their love for one another. I do not watch the show but my entire D-group loves it, so I humored them and took photos in their honor.

In addition, I did the normal touristy Prague stuff (which I knew about compliments of an e-mail from my roommate Claire, who spent a semester in Prague!) and I loved the city more, the more I saw.

I would highly recommend a visit to Prague for anyone who gets the was an amazing city!

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