Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hometown Lovin'

Though I have really enjoyed traveling most weekends and plan to continue doing that (I'm going to a Coldplay concert next weekend. Cue the jealousy!), it has been a wonderfully busy weekend here in Wald-Michelbach.

On Friday, I headed to the next bigger town for the day to do some shopping and see Step Up: Miami Heat (it was amazing...even in German!) On Saturday, I woke up to a bright sunny day. After working around my apartment for a bit, I decided to check out the Wald-Michelbach pool. I had heard it was nice, but it was literally a water park! Huge slides, waterfalls, three separate pools...a fun place! And then Saturday afternoon, I checked out the local fall festival which was so much fun and made me so proud of my little German hometown. Here are a few pics...

It was basically like a carnival, which reminded me of some of my favorite Wake Forest days, so I walked around collecting freebies and entering to win lots of random prizes. It really made me feel like fall is actually here, as the weather has cooled down and the displays with filled with pumpkins. 

They had the Wald-Michelbach Historical Museum open...and it was really cool to see all the historical pieces from a small town. Though it was the same feel as a normal museum, the items on display were everyday things like school desks, tools, and hangers. It really was a neat way to commemorate the everyday lives of people who lived here hundreds of years ago.

They had a local band playing for entertainment, and the music stands had special holders for the beer steins (the Germans love their all times!) so they could drink between songs! And this little guy even pulled up in his toy tractor to hear the music.

I spent several hours here checking out all the booths. I bought some local honey (which is delicious!) and made one of those wooden spinner places at the woodworking booth (mine is the pink one!). The candy booth looked amazing, but I refrained with my brother Peter's advice in mind, "Now that you are a college graduate, its time to start eating like an adult. And that means seriously cutting back on all the candy."

I also entered to win this sweet bike...what do you think?! 

I had a wonderful, authentic German dinner consisting of brats and pommes, followed by a mouth watering crepe with banana and nutella! It was a wonderful afternoon and I just might have to stop back by tomorrow for some more fun!


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  1. That museum seems so cool - that's a great point, why don't we all celebrate the everyday life of our hometowns more often?