Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coldplay and Colder Weather...

Well, it has been an eventful few days. I had plans to travel to Leipzig, Germany this weekend to see Coldplay. Everything was underway but my train got in a serious accident. I won't go into the gory details but it was really sad. It really put a damper on my mood and added a 2+ hour delay to my travel time. But, after that fiasco, I managed to make it to Coldplay and the concert was still incredible.

 I had checked the weather a few days in advance to make sure it wasn't going to rain since the concert was in an open arena, but randomly it turned COLD and I had not packed appropriately.
Please notice that I am wearing a tank top and everyone around me has on winter coats...whooops!

 Just as I had hoped, they played almost all of my favorite older songs, including Fix You, In My Place, Yellow, Speed of Sound, and X&Y. It was quite a show: they had confetti, gave everyone light up bracelets, shot off fireworks from stage, and these huge blow up statues popped up around the crowd. The pictures aren't particularly great and pictures never do a concert justice anyways, so I'll just share a few to give you a feel for the evening.

Being from Nashville, I've been to my fair share of concerts. But I was nervous, going to a concert alone. I ended up, however, having a fabulous time and really enjoying the beautiful music of Coldplay. 

Now, as for the weather, I was warned that it would turn cold in September. And they weren't kidding. I mean, right now its nice and chilly. Its boots and hot chocolate kind of weather, which I do not mind. Around 50 during the days but you can really feel the winter winds in the mornings and evenings. But, as I was walking home from church today, with a few groceries in hand, I started thinking about how cold its going to be in the winter. And I have been making almost daily trips to the store, since I go everywhere on foot and carry everything I buy, its much easier to get smaller quantities and go frequently. But I am not sure how thats going to work out for me when its snowing and negative 20! Haha, ok hopefully it won't be that cold, but I may be going on a serious diet this winter solely to avoid trekking to the grocery store. Until then, I'll keep enjoying my hot tea and comfy sweaters...and getting to bust out all those warm clothes I packed when it was 100 degrees in Nashville!



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  1. Laura Grace. You are so cool. I just love reading your blog!

    1- solo concert ... I've never thought about that, I bet it was sorta weird at first, but then so SO great.

    2- those ANKLE BOOTS!!!!!! I love them (and the zippered pants you have with them).