Thursday, September 20, 2012

The places I'm not...

You know that feeling when someone has told a joke and you don't get it, but you wish you did because everyone else is laughing. Maybe you even pretend you did and laugh along. But the reality is that the situation is not that fun for you. Well, thats kinda what my life feels like these days. All day I struggle and try to understand German, getting bits and pieces of conversation, but really I am just confused most of the time. I think this feeling would classify as my first bout of homesickness. As I sit in my apartment tonight, its pouring down rain. It's been exactly two months since I left and I really miss home. The song "Carolina on my Mind" just came on shuffle on my iTunes. Its homecoming at Wake Forest this weekend and words cannot express how sad I am that I won't be there. And, I can't even go on a cool weekend trip to distract myself, because we have The Dragon School open house on Saturday. Not only do I have to be present for it, I have to give a speech [in German!]. Well, my life could be much worse, and I realize that. But suddenly I do not feel like I'm so good at the leaving-home-and-not-being-sad-thing. So, in order to commemorate and help myself deal with this bout of homesickness for Wake, I wanted to post about where I am not this weekend. I wanted to commemorate my wonderful friends and four fun years at Wake.

I also think that its crucially important to remember, especially at times like this, that no matter who you are or where you live, there will be good days and there will be tough days. Today is a hard one for me.


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