Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Pfunky Griddle

Nashville has amazing restaurants (in fact, we were just written up in the Huffington Post yesterday!). However, I often get in a routine and go to the same few (but delicious) restaurants as if Nashville wasn't saturated with good eats. Today, my brother Peter was in town and suggested we meet at The Pfunky Griddle. 

I love this place and had completely forgotten about it. Pfunky Griddle is a small restaurant tucked away in an old house, but it is such a fun breakfast spot, especially for when you want to linger and talk for a while!

You order pancake batter and toppings, or eggs with mix-ins, and there is a griddle on your table so you can hang out and talk while you're creating your delicious breakfast for yourself! We all tried several varieties…and they did not disappoint! 

We enjoyed a great meal with Peter and Brielle, and its looking like they will both be moving to Nashville in the near future :) If you get the chance, I highly recommend The Pfunky Griddle for a non-traditional, but festive breakfast out!

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  1. Never have tried this place ...

    I tagged you in my post ;)