Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Live Every Week like its Restaurant Week"...

…is a quote from Camille Cannada regarding this week. It is National Restaurant Week, so of course Nashville participated and we took part wholeheartedly. I ate out every night, which was delicious and wonderful…except for my bank account is certainly feeling the damage right about now.

Monday Camille and I had a little date at Chago's. It was a new place, and it was good mexican and $3 margaritas, but it takes a lot to win a spot in my fave mexican places.

Tuesday, we made reservations for Midtown Cafe with all of the roomies and two fun friends, Amy and Anna Claire. It was delectable, every single bit of it.

Wednesday, I introduced my school friends to Tacaria del Sol, which is a trendy taco place in 12th South.

Thursday, my dear friend Lucy was in town, so her mom treated us to my favorite mexican, Local Taco, complete with pitchers of margaritas and lovely conversation.

I wish, for the sake of my wallet, that I was having a low-key, eat-at-home weekend, but I am hopping on a plane in a few short hours to visit friends in DC for the weekend, where I will undoubtedly eat plenty more delicious food.

Have a lovely weekend, and make sure to participate in restaurant week before it ends Sunday!

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  1. I love how you ate Mexican almost every night... *high five*