Friday, January 10, 2014

Pinewood Social

I have been dying to try out Nashville's new hipster "Gentleman's Club", so I was delighted when I got invited to a surprise birthday celebration for my friend Susan there last night.

Firstly, it was fun because any surprise party is always nerve-racking. Susan, who celebrated her 24th birthday yesterday, was completely shocked and has the best surprised face! Her boyfriend, Matt, had planned the whole thing and even had her sister in town to surprise her. So, that was a recipe for a fun night regardless.

Secondly, we were all excited to see what Pinewood Social was all about. At first we sat around a table and caught up as we waited for the surprise, but after Susan's arrival, half of us went to bowl. The lanes were vintage and had really neat decor, which was nice considering I am terrible at bowling.

The only con was that the workers were really strict about how many people could be at the table, how many people could bowl, etc. We all agreed that in a few months when they have those kinks worked out, it'll be even better. Until then, we had a wonderful night of hanging out, eating, drinking, bowling, and celebrating together!

I would highly recommend Pinewood Social, its a fun atmosphere and definitely a cool space. And this is just one more reason why I love Nashville!

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