Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quizzing Out

For several reasons, I have been into these fun little online quizzes lately. Some have just happened onto my computer screen, and others I have sought out because I am currently in an Assessments class where we discuss any and all types of quizzes and tests. So, here are a few favorites for you to try out!

My family LOVED this dialect quiz over Christmas. We all got different places, except for poor Jonny, who's British accent could not be detected by this quiz.

I love personality tests. I really like this version of the Myers Briggs, because of the way you can rate yourself on the scale. Per usual, it told me it was extremely extroverted, but my overall personality type is ENFP.

I stumbled across this quiz that predicts how large your vocabulary is, which is both embarrassing and awesome. Try it and find out how many words you know!

Last but not least, this quiz that tells you what city would be the perfect fit for you. It said I should live in London, which is funny because I have certainly been missing the euro-lifestyle lately. 

So, enjoy quizzing out for a few minutes!

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