Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Battle of the Black and Gold

Yesterday was a much anticipated day. My two schools, both of which happen to be black and gold, matched up in football. 
Wake Forest football has been pretty bad this year, but we gave Vanderbilt a good run.

And even more fun than the actual game, we hosted a black and gold tailgate. We got to eat delicious cinnamon rolls and sip mimosas while catching up with lots of fun friends!
This is the crowd of young Wake Foresters, preparing to cheer on our team!

A happy moment. My best friends from college and one of my best friends from high school were finally able to meet!

The McLaughling are a big Wake/Vandy family it was so fun to have the sibilings reunited!

Friends, Friends, Friends. I was sad to see the tailgate end, but the game was a fun event too!

The McLaughlin family wanted both mascots present for their family Christmas Card, which was a hilarious feat, but Mrs. McLaughlin made it happen. We all could not stop laughing but the deacon and the commodore both agreed and posed for this pic!

Watching the game with the fam was fun, especially because we have deep ties to both schools. My parents both graduated from Vanderbilt, and my dad even played football there. But Jamie, Ali, and I all went to Wake Forest and adored it. Now I am in graduate school at Vandy, so I have many many ties to both places. I was cheering for my main school, Wake Forest, though.

And I even ran into my favorite babysitting kids, but I couldn't convince them to cheer for Wake, but they were some adorable Vandy fans.

 Go Black and Gold!

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