Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Finals Week

Finals week is just one of those weeks when its hard to be your best self. Anywhere in the world seems better than sitting in the library. Exams are stressful. No one seems to understand. Even if they have been through it, your situation seems worse. Even if they are in the same boat, your classes are harder. Even if they are in your classes, you have to study more. 

I think about my life last year. Even though I might have been lonely and completely and utterly alone, this seems better than cramming psychology theories and trying to memorize everything on my review sheet. I miss the cute German Christmas Markets. I am selectively choosing not to remember the cold nights and lonely days surrounding them.

As I study and day dream of those adorable markets, I came across this good theory that reminded me to, "cultivate gratitude, forgive others, dispute negative thoughts, savor, and be mindful".


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