Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Birthdays and Weddings

I love Camp DeSoto for countless of them being the wonderful friendships that have blossomed on that sweet mountain top. This week, there are big reasons to celebrate my two best friends from Camp, Mary Cam and Camille.

 Mary Cam, Camille, and I have been best friends for more than a decade, since Mary Cam and I started camping in 2002. Today, Camille turns 24 and on Saturday, Mary Cam is tying the knot!


These are pictures of us through the years...from campers, to staff members, to visits, to nights out in Fort Payne, to many christmases in July, to canoeing with Mary Cam in the middle, to sneaking into the POB and countless Sundays in our whites...these two girls are wonderful, hilarious friends and I am fortunate to be able to celebrate with both of them this week!


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