Friday, November 1, 2013


Hannah VanderWeide was a year younger than me at Wake Forest and just one of those girls I always admired. She was cool in a non-chalant way, and just had a down-to-earth personality that put everyone at ease. That being said, it did not surprise me at all when I heard about her current endeavor on this Post Grad Roadtrip. Hannah and her boyfriend are traveling around America living out the intention of thankfulness and sharing that with everyone who's paths they cross.

As they so eloquently put it,
(n): A college graduate’s intentional practice of thankfulness for the opportunities one has been given; the readiness to explore unfamiliar places and gain newfound perspective by exhibiting thoughtfulness through one’s purposeful interactions.

The people and stories they have come across are simply amazing. Their photographs are breathtaking.  It was so fun seeing her at Homecoming and hearing a snippet about their adventures. I highly recommend following along.

(And I am a little partial to cross-country road trips!)


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