Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What a week

It has been a rough week. I got home tonight, now that the week is finally winding down, and my bed looked like this. It hasn't been made in days. I have spent way less hours sleeping this week than I would prefer. I have school books strewn about from the stress of midterms. Clothes are everywhere...from work blazers, to every black dress I own, to comfy class clothes, to rain gear. It is pretty indicative of my life this past week. 

I have cried for lives lost and celebrated engagements with precious friends...and just about everything in between. On Saturday night, I got the news that a dear friend, Martha Cammack, had not woken up that morning. I literally could not believe it. I honestly think that I am still in disbelief, although it has become more real as friends gathered to celebrate her life these past few days.
This is a group of Camp friends at Jeni's on Tuesday...we never could have guessed that just one week later we would be back together, minus sweet martha, in honor of her life.
At the funeral today, it was both beautiful and heart breaking. It was so wonderful to see so many friends who had traveled near and far to be there...and it was so evident that Martha was so well loved and had been a true friend to so many people. But at the same time, I was so sad to be seeing so many dear friends under these circumstances and having to celebrate a life cut short. There was not a doubt in the packed out church today that Martha was smiling down from heaven, but it was still a tearful time for those of us who are still here missing her.
The beauty of these flowers from Camp Desoto, surrounded by the photos and artwork of Martha,  in the center of a room of loved ones who were mourning their loss but celebrating the fact that she is now in heaven. It seemed that the combination was indicative of many people's feelings.
Though it has been said countless times today, I, too, will miss the calm hilariousness that Martha brought to every interaction. I will miss the countless run ins at Bread & Company, the play dates with Bear, the visits to Wake Forest, your undying love for Camp DeSoto, and, of course, your contagious fun-loving spirit. Do the line dances in heaven, Martha.
Until then.

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