Thursday, October 3, 2013

Moving, Moving, Moving

Tuesday was moving day. 
The transformations that happened to our cute new house were amazing, to say the least. It is still a work in progress, but we have come a long way in the past few days. And we are loving Sylvan Park so far.

The Cannada family supplied almost everything...from cute rugs, to extra large couches, to pink fuzzy hammers...they brought it all!

Even Aunt Bea came along for the ride when my dad delivered my bed!

There were certainly hilarious moments, exhausting moments, and moments that were just plain frustrating. But, we are hoping that it will all be over soon!

And, we loved our delicious welcome treats from our friends and family! Jeni's was our favorite from sweet Kelly :)

I will post real pictures once we have done a little more...and you are welcome to come join us on our red porch swing anytime!


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  1. Moving is so exciting, isn't it? It's nice to host all those house warming parties and welcome your neighbors who came to greet you. I wonder if you've already posted a recent house tour. I'm excited to see the fruits of your previous house hunting. Hehe! Any update? :)

    Calvin Mordarski @