Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wedding Festivities for Lucy and Sam!

Lucy and Sam tied the knot this weekend at the beautiful Loveless Barn.

We kicked off the weekend with a cocktail party at the Ross' House on Friday night. It was so fun to be reunited with so many high school friends from near and far.

We were worrying around about the date situation, but we all ended up with fabulous dates to enjoy the evening with us!

These two friends are a recipe for fun no matter what...we had a fabulous evening together and it was over all too soon.

I am obsessed the flair, so when they passed out blinking wedding rings on the dance floor, I was all about it!

And here we are with the lovely bride herself!

And this picture really sums up the I'll just leave it at that!

Luc, your family really knows how to throw a party!

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