Saturday, June 20, 2015

Emily's Homecoming

It is rare in life to have a best friend that has literally been there since day one. That is true of me and Emily Crane. Well, I guess technically I have only been there since day three for her, since we were born three days apart to parents who were friends and have been besties ever since.

 Despite the fact that we have been close friends for so many years, we have no lived in the same city since 2008. Auburn, Winston-Salem, Kansas, Mentone, Uganda, Kenya, Cape Town, Wald-Michelbach, Nashville, Chongquing, Cheungdu…needless to say, we have been keeping Skype in business. But those days are over, Emily and I are both officially Nashville residents. And we could not be more excited about it.

We welcomed her in style upon her homecoming from East Asia on Tuesday night.

And, in typical East Asian fashion, she flew across the world with a bike! Poor Tyler had to carry it to the car while the rest of us celebrated Em's arrival!

We sure are glad to have you stateside again, Em!

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