Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Boston Weekend

Back in cold, dreary January, my friends Meg and Jamie presented the idea that we plan a trip for Memorial Day Weekend. Boston was a city on all of our radars, so we booked flights and then went on with our lives. May rolled around and we were all thrilled to have this little trip in the plans.

Boston was beautiful, and this was the perfect time of year to visit.

We stayed in an adorable Air BnB in Beacon Hill, which made us feel like locals as we dined in local hotspots and wandered around the neighborhood.

We did not feel like locals when we went on the Duck Tour, but it was absolutely hilarious and a great way to get an overview of the city.

We stopped by all the must-sees, like the Duck statues and the marathon finish line. We asked this little girl to move for our picture, but she wanted to be in it so we obliged.

The food we consumed was absolutely amazing. Dinners each night were a highlight. And watching the sunset on the river with a bottle of wine before wasn't too shabby either.

Renting bikes and heading over to Cambridge was a great decision. 
 We stopped by the Red Sox game on our way, and loved the breezy ride around Harvard.

The weekend was a breath of fresh air and I cannot get over how much I loved the city of Boston. Cheers to a wonderful mini-vacation!


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