Thursday, April 30, 2015

Musical Month...

I always love a good concert, but lately I have been finding myself going to so many wonderful shows. It's times like these when I feel like I could never leave Nashville.

First up, Ellie and I went to see Mat Kearney play at the Ryman. It was a dream come true. Mat is one of my all-time favorite musicians, and he was better than ever playing in the beautiful, old mother church. And Judah and the Lion opened for him, and the duet they did together was my absolute favorite!

A few days later was Alt-j. Alt-j is on the far end of the spectrum of music I enjoy, like they are almost too techno for me, but the show was a blast.

My friend Claire invited me to come see her dad, my very favorite songwriter, Tom Douglas. He was playing with Adam James and Ft. Worth Ferguson. While that whole show was extremely entertaining, Ft. Worth Ferguson was hysterical and I cannot wait to see his next show. 

For Evan's birthday, a group of friends went to see The Mowglis perform at Mercy Lounge. This was a great show, especially for a random Tuesday. 

I always tell my co-worker Jess that she is missing out by never having seen a show at The Ryman. Having the show the other day, we spur of the moment found tickets to see Ryan Adams that very evening. His beautiful voice reverberated through the whole Ryman and it was an amazing evening.


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