Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Engagements, Engagements!

I have been in the wedding phase for a few years now, but in the past two weeks, both my brother and my very best friend got engaged! It is super exciting, but a little crazy (and if i'm being honest, maybe a little disheartening) too to have two extremely important people in my life both getting engaged at the same time. 

Alison and I have been besties for more than 20 years now. From the good ole days of bike rides on Gardendale drive and meeting at the stop sign, from visits to DC and back to Nashville, to college road trips and cheering on volleyball games, to traveling the world together…Alison has been an incredible example of love and friendship in my life and I am so thankful for her crazy zest for life.

Peter is my brother who is just older than me. We grew up almost like twins, with me tagging along with his friends and rebounding the basketball to him for hours on end. From forcing me to memorize rap lyrics in the car to teaching me how to drive, from trips to Moe's and cheering at countless basketball games from childhood to college. Peter is a sweet brother who I have always looked up to and I am so thankful for him.

And both engagements were adventurous and fitting for their personalities. Peter proposed to Brielle mid-skydive, and Cody proposed to Alison on a picnic in the lake district near her grandparents house in England. Talk about romantic!

Cheers to the happy couples! May you both have long, happy marriages…with lots of visits from me :)

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