Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Los Angeles

Tonight, after a packed-to-the-brim today, I will head to the airport and hop on a plane for sunny Los Angeles. I am excited for a plethora of reasons. Warm weather. A much needed vacation. Visiting dear friends. Reuniting with college friends. The ocean. And, obviously, the reason for the trip, Sam and John's wedding.

This song has been on repeat as my excitement has climbed the last few days.

But, last night as Hannah (who I am visiting!) sent me this text, it made me reflect on how much life has changed over recent years. The last time I went to visit her, I had just graduated from Wake, was in the middle of road tripping across America, and preparing to move to Germany in a few short weeks.

Fast forward 2.5 years, I am drowning in graduate school, fully immersed in Nashville life, and taking a quick break to hop to LA for a wedding and mini-vaca. I am coming from a completely different place in life, but I am just as thrilled to go to LA!

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