Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Epitome of Community

Today, I saw an example of community that literally brought tears to my eyes. I have been involved in the Special Needs ministry at Christ Presbyterian Church for several years now. I love that this ministry exists, and I especially love both the kids involved and the adults that facilitate it.

Unfortunately, one of the sweetest, most spirited boys from the Special Needs Ministry is battling cancer for the second time. Michael is fighting the good fight, but his prognosis is not good. Because he loves to wear hats, he requested that CPA have a hat day in his honor. It was also suggested that each student bring $1 to contribute to Michael's Child Life Fund.

The CPA community rallied around him in full force. Over 1,200 students, faculty, and friends gathered for an assembly in the gym. With tears and cheers, everyone sported their wacky hats and showed their support for sweet Michael. Even through his sickness, Michael beamed as he walked into the gym. It truly was a beautiful example of community.

Praying for you, sweet Michael.

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