Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Life has been hectic and fun lately. Life has consisted of running from one destination to the next lately. Life has been full of balancing friends, work, school, internship and family lately. Life has been crazy. And since it has been so crazy, this blog has taken a bit of a back seat. But here are some snapshots from the past few weeks.
Friends and Burgers are wonderful after a long day of football.

With all the busyness and running around, it has been refreshing to see some beautiful sunsets over Nashville.

Friends make life more fun. No matter what.
Squeezing friends in cars.
Always be prepared for rain. And when you aren't prepared, put trash bags on your head.
Quiet mornings with my Dovie girl.

My dear friends, the band MamaDear, had an amazing performance the other night!

My mom quickly hopped over to Africa, so the remaining three family members tested out some new Nashville restaurants while she was away. FlipSide was a hit!
Cats and Kickball.

Sometimes I love class. Sometimes it is the most painful three hours of the day. You can always tell which way I was feeling based on my notes/artwork.

A lovely Matt Wertz performance.

Friends and Football. #GoRebs


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